2013 Formstack Build Indy Awards Results

Congrats to everyone who presented at Formstack’s Build Indy 2013. All the presenters were great! Here is a rundown of Formstack’s Build Indy event on Thursday, May 16 held at The Speak Easy:

Historic Indianapolis had a wonderful presentation. Tiffany Benedict Berkson was classy and informative. Historic Indianapolis is a quirky-cool-vintage site, great job Tiffany. Check out Historic Indianapolis.

Dress for Success brought business chic to the Build Indy event. The ladies presenting for Dress for Success gave a great presentation and provided some great info. Well done ladies! Check out Dress for Success.

iNDYfRINGE brought “tHE sTRANGE” to Build Indy 2013. They presented mind-blowing information on how they’ve contributed to the Indianapolis arts community. Stay strange iNDYfRINGE! Check out iNDYfRINGE.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) gave cool rundown of what they do and how they connect with the Indianapolis community. Keep up the great work KIB. Check out Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

Fathom Voice gave Build Indy some Silicon Valley “swag” big-time.  They presented some cool info on who they are and what they do. Fathom Voice is a very exciting Indianapolis company and part of Indy’s growing  Silicon Circle.  Check out Fathom Voice.

Drink Up Downtown had a really interesting presentation. Their web and mobile applications are really great technology. The interface is intuitive, and their concept and execution are very well done. You will be hearing good things about Ashwin in the future.  Awesome job! Check out Drink Up Downtown.

These guys were a BLAST! Ayokay is THE BOMB — PERIOD! If you need a website, hire Ayokay.com. If you need web strategy, hire Ayokay.com. If you need to integrate social (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIN, etc…) hire Ayokay.com. These guys know the web. Andrew and the Ayokay crew gave a great presentation. Check out Ayokay.

Listed below were the winners of Formstack’s Build Indy 2013 event:

$1,258 Crowd Favorite – Second Runner-Up:

Growing Places Indy is doing some great work. They had a cool presentation and really provided the audience a sense of how Growing Places Indy touches the Indianapolis community. Awesome job Growing Places Indy! Check out Growing Places Indy.

$1,258 Crowd Favorite – First Runner-Up:

Urban Patch is really working hard to make Indy a better place. They provided some unknown Indy “Green” history  for the audience. Urban Patch is all about green education and building Indy, way to go Urban Patch! Check out Urban Patch.

$5000 Build Indy Winner:

MAN—these United State of Indiana (USI) guys are F-U-N! I want to party with these cats — for real! They gave a high energy presentation. They have a great sense of style and LOVE Indiana. If Banksy cheated on Andy Warhol, and had a baby with Robert Indiana — that baby would be USI. Well done USI, rep this state! Check out United State of Indiana.


Jared Applegate from MainSource Bank did a great job. It’s great to see the Indianapolis business community support this kind of event. Great job MainSource! Thank you to MainSource Bank, Launch Fishers, Mixwest, and The Ball Project for sponsoring this great event. Way to go guys!

Kudos to Formstack for having the Build Indy 2013 event. Everyone enjoyed it. The food was great (shout-out to DeAnthony), and the audience was fabulous. The Speak Easy is a great space and excellent vibe for the Indianapolis tech-green-creative-innovative community. Build Indy 2013 was a wonderful event.

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