Volunteer Orientation on April 29th!

Ready to grab your gardening gloves and get outside?

Want to help in the garden at Fall Creek Gardens this summer?

The Stone Soup Kitchen Garden is a space for teaching and exploration–and a source of fresh produce donations for the Mid North Food Pantry–and we need many helping hands to make this garden grow and flourish.  Largely through the help of volunteers like you, we will be growing a wide variety of veggies this summer, working to enrich the soil with cover crops, and exploring techniques best-suited to the home garden, such as vertical growing, intensive planting, polyculture beds, and more.

We are holding a volunteer orientation Tuesday, April 29th from 6:00-7:00pm at the garden site.  If you’d like to help us plant, maintain, and harvest the SSKG this summer, please try to attend this important meeting!

If you are unable to join us on April 29th, please contact Executive Director Maggie Goeglein Hanna at maggie@fallcreekgardens.org for more information.

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