Keeping Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chicken Coop

Keeping backyard chickens can be a chore. Finding the right chickens, complying with regulations and building or buying the right chicken coop are just the beginning. While keeping chickens is not 100% easy, knowing what to get and what to do will make keeping backyard chickens fun and rewarding. With the right knowledge, keeping chickens can be easier than caring for a household pet. The main concern in dealing with a healthy and productive chicken coop is collecting the eggs daily. Here are some low-maintenance tips for keeping a fun and safe chicken coop.

Hanging Feeders

Your chickens will eat just abut anything you give hem. Using bowls or buckets will be messy and a chore to refill. Galvanized steel or plastic hanging feeders come in many sizes, are durable and are inexpensive. These feeders also keep the food off the ground, protecting the food from rodents. Hanging feeders helps cut down on a messy feeding environment.

Chicken Hydration

Your chicken must have fresh water to be healthy and provide you with eggs. Chicken can survive only two days without water, so you need to be sure they have good clean water at all times. Inexpensive plastic waterers or even an automatic pet (dog or cat) waterer works great. This eliminates constant refilling and spillage. Make sure your waterer is suspended 5 to 6 inches above the ground. You can use rope or a chain. Outside of the coop, you can use bricks or blocks and place the waterer on top, this will allow the chickens to drink without knocking the water down.

Lamp Heat

Chickens can handle cold weather just fine, but having a utility lamp to provide more heat will keep your birds healthy. The extra light in the winter months will boost egg production.


Extra storage is a must when keeping backyard chickens. Feed must be kept dry at all times. Galvanized steel pet pails are great to keep rodents away from your chicken feed. Galvanized steel pails are great since rodent can chew through them. Be sure to set out mouse traps. Mice will try to get in the coop and storage areas during the winter month. Traps and good coop and coop storage housekeeping will keep your mice infestations down.

Egg Production

Your chickens will be very productive. At some point, you may even not want to see another egg. All kidding aside, egg production will present you with a new set of challenges. You’ll need a good egg basket and lots of egg cartoons. Whether you give away your eggs or sell them, you’ll need lots of egg cartons. Egg cartons are cheap, but if you let friends, family and neighbors know that you need them, you can get some cartons for free. Your extra eggs are a great way to barter with friends, family, and neighbors. Keeping backyard chickens is fun and a great way to eat healthy while saving some money. Here is a great video on why you should raise backyard chickens: