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About us

Our demonstration site is located at 30th and Central, immediately north of Unleavened Bread. Visit us there or in our office at Unleavened Bread Café on the north-east corner of 30th and Central.

About the project

Fall Creek Gardens, Urban Growers Resource Center, has evolved from the Community Garden Resource Center which started in 2009. 2011 will focus on the development of demonstration beds, an updated community garden resource (print and online), community workshops and ongoing site development. 
We have published an annual report for 2011. Check out what we’ve done so far!

Efroymson Family Fund

About our partners

The work of Fall Creek Gardens would not be possible without generous support from the Efroymson Family Fund, a CICF Fund and a partnership with the Mapleton-Fall Creek Community Development Corporation, Unleavened Bread Cafe, and Urban Patch

About the staff

Maggie Goeglein, lead project manager

  • MA in Earth Literacy; St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, Terre Haute, Ind.
    Thesis– Growing our Future: Creating a Preschool Garden and Urban Sustainability Curriculum (with the Meridian Street Preschool Cooperative)
  • Aspiring Master Gardener

At home, Maggie and her fiancé, Jason, enjoy working on projects that give them greater self-reliance and lower utility bills, such as making rain barrels, drying laundry on a clothesline, and preserving the bounty of their garden harvest–as well as enjoying the antics of their small flock of chickens: Roxanne, Betty, Fern, Lucy, and Ethel. Maggie also teaches backyard chicken workshops, in the hope that more people will decide to include city chickens as part of their home gardens–a truly local source of healthy, yummy eggs!

It is with great excitement that Maggie joins the staff at the Fall Creek Gardens: Urban Growers
Resource Center. She believes that gardens bring people together and are the perfect place to find better health, new friends, delicious food, and a precious bit of peace in a busy city.

Write to Maggie!

John G. Moore, technical and artistic support
John is a freelance artist and tech guy. He is the creator of Budgetler, personal finance software. We are thrilled that John is part of the Fall Creek Gardens staff.
Write to John!

About the founders

At the request of Jeremy Efroymson, Angela Herrmann, MA, Earth Literacy, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, Terre Haute, Ind., founded Fall Creek Gardens: The Urban Growers Resource Center, in April 2011. Fall Creek Gardens evolved to its current form from what was known as the Community Garden Resource Center, originally launched in 2009 by Tricia Mera.
Fall Creek Gardens was renamed to reflect the location of the project and to recognize that sometimes growers grow more than plants for food.

Angela leaves Fall Creek Gardens in good hands as she pursues projects beyond Indiana over the next year. Angela can be reached at mail@angelaherrmann.com.


Fall Creek Gardens: Urban Growers Resource Center
Mail: P.O. Box
88321; Indianapolis, Indiana 46208
Gardens: Central Avenue at 30th Street
With much gratitude
to the Efroymson Family Fund,
a CICF Fund!


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