Fall Creek Gardens, Urban Growers Resource Center,

About Us


To be a leader in the cultivation of healthy food, people, and communities


We empower home and urban food growers by practicing and teaching organic and sustainable methods, promoting community gardens, and providing access to resources.

Fall Creek Gardens is a resource center for anyone interested in growing food in the city on a budget. From a pot of lettuce in a windowsill to a small flock of chickens in the backyard, we believe that homegrown food not only tastes best, but also builds healthier people, environments, and communities.

We hope you will visit our gardens, explore our website and social media pages, and attend one of our workshops and classes. What topics related to gardening, food preservation, and urban sustainability would you like to learn about? If you don’t have a backyard or patio for gardening at home, there are plots available in our community garden for neighborhood residents, and volunteer spots open for tending our teaching garden.

Share ideas, ask questions, and learn more by getting in touch at info@fallcreekgardens.org.

See more of our day-to-day activity, access useful resources, and participate in the ongoing conversation on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/fallcreekgardens and our Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/FallCreekGarden






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