Bommer Method Vegetable Manure

Bommer Method – Vegetable Manure

Manure Foot - by Chruchhead

Manure Foot – by Chruchhead


Bommer Method for Making Manure

by George Bommer




This article, which is chiefly useful in making vegetable manure, in affording a circulation of air under the bottom of the heap, may be made of the cheapest materials at a mere trifle of cost, or may be superseded by the use of old rails, slabs, wood from the wood-pile, or anything else which may serve to raise the heap a little from the ground, and afford access to the air.

Saturated Water.

Liquor drained from the barn-yard into a vat or reservoir is usually the best saturated water which can be produced to form the ley, and as it commonly holds a vast amount of animal manure in solution, it will greatly diminish, and in most cases supersede, the necessity of adding human excrements or animal manure.

Ley and Ingredients.

A considerably larger quantity than actually needed, both of ley and ingredients, has been indicated in the table, to reduce one ton of dry, or two tons of green vegetables, for two reasons : first, to obtain manure vastly superior to stable or yard manure; secondly, to afford beginners, and farmers of ordinary capacity, the means of seeing their very first essays crowned with success. In fact, the ingredients employed in the proportion enumerated in the table constitute at least three fourths of the fertilizing power of our manure, while the vegetables themselves contribute only about one fourth, or rather are merely considered us the retainers of tho ley.

It follows, naturally, that the more we increase the dose of ingredients, the more strong
and powerful our manure becomes; and it would have been hazardous to indicate, primarily, the lesser quantities, for then success would not have been quite no certain, especially when beginners operate upon a small quantity of vegetables. But you, reader, who are perhaps a skillful cultivator, or may have acquired some practical knowledge of this system, may, with the same quantity of ley and dose of ingredients specified in the table, reduce double the weight of vegetables—that is, 2 or 4, instead of 1 or 2 tons.

No doubt this manure will be less powerful; still it will be equal at least to stable or yard manure. By reference to the Method, it will be perceived that most of the prescribed ingredients to form the ley, may either be dispensed with entirely, if occasion should require, or other articles may be substituted in their place. The following important table, showing to what extent these ingredients may be augmented or diminished, without seriously affecting the result, has too frequently escaped observation in its appropriate place in the body of the work. To prevent the recurrence of such an oversight, it is here inserted:


If you employ a large quantity of vegetables at once, you may reduce still more the dose of ingredients above given. Consult paragraph 2d of article 4th, 2d section, 2d part of the work.

Here is the original 1845 page:

Bommer Method - Vegetable Manure

Bommer Method – Vegetable Manure

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