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Growing a Kitchen Herb Garden

Growing Cooking Herbs If your next recipe calls for fresh oregano, ditch the trip to the grocery store for the overpriced oregano, grow your own in a herb garden! A herb garden is a great way to grow your ingredients. If you can keep houseplants alive, you can tend to a nice herb garden without […] Continue reading →

Do-It-Yourself Garden Gear

Using a do it yourself (DIY) approach, you can save money. Here are some ideas for no or low-cost garden tools. After another subzero winter, most of you are ready to get your gardens started. Getting seeds, tools, soil, and other items can be fun—but it can also get expensive. In this post, we’ll cover […] Continue reading →

Build Better Gardening Soil: Mulching

Properly caring for your garden soil greatly reduces having to repeatedly till the soil. By consistently enriching your soil organically, you maintain open and loose soil structure for your vegetable garden. Keeping the soil covered provides more soil structure—if you can, keep your soil covered. One great way to cover your garden soil is to use mulch. […] Continue reading →

Build Better Gardening Soil: Tillage

Let’s quickly cover four methods to building better gardening soil—chicken manure, rock powders, and cover crops. Chickens and Rocks You can use the power of the chicken to enrich your garden soil. Chicken manure is a great source of rich, organic material that can really add to your soil enrichment process. Chicken droppings provide a microbial […] Continue reading →

Building Better Gardening Soil

Building a productive garden starts with good soil. Many gardeners start by digging up their yards, shovel in hand or guiding their trusty garden tiller—plowing the land. While that is a great start, adding the right organic material and using some natural techniques can create rich and productive soil that will provide a great foundation for […] Continue reading →

Squash Heaven

At Fall Creek Gardens, we donate most of the food that we grow in our teaching garden.  We know that not everyone has time, space, or energy to grow their own food, and people living in poverty have to make very careful choices about how they spend their food dollars.  Not only that, but food […] Continue reading →

What Have We Been Up To?

Whew! It’s been a busy summer and things here at the Gardens are speeding right along. Here’s a snapshot of our recent activity: 1. Organic gardeners love our classes! In July, attendees were able to learn about: Gardening with Native Plants, taught by Tom Hohman with Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society. Organic Pest Control […] Continue reading →

Summer Solstice Celebration!

Have you heard? We’re throwing a party! Presenting our first annual Summer Solstice Celebration at Fall Creek Gardens–and YOU are invited! Don’t wait!  Buy your tickets here: Of course, we know how busy the month of June can be…. Even if you cannot attend, you can still be a part of all the fun!  […] Continue reading →

8 Uses for Garden Greens

The first produce from your garden is often greens – lettuce, spinach, and arugula just to name a few. You can only make so many salads, but greens are some of the most concentrated sources of nutrition there are. So how to make use of that abundance and keep it from going to waste? 1. Green Smoothies! […] Continue reading →