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Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening, as usually defined, means the culture of vegetables for table use. Under this head are also included certain plants which botanically are fruits, but are considered horticulturally as vegetables. Among these are watermelons, muskmelons, and tomatoes. Vegetable growing may be grouped under some four or five divisions, about as follows: Kitchen or Home Gardening, […] Continue reading →

Companion Planting

by Kay Grimm Plants are like people. They like to have certain friends they just want to hang with. Their buddies they prefer to grow with help each other to be stronger or by attracting certain insects that would otherwise injure them. Sometimes, like in real life, friendships don’t always return favors. So notice who […] Continue reading →

Please Bug Me

by Rosie Bishop – Insects and their shy cousins don’t advertise. If they did, we would likely think of “beneficial” and “wasps” as words we cherish together. We would love to see critters scurrying or wiggling in a scoop of soil. We would thank tiny flea-sized creatures for reliable assistance. We would use mulch to […] Continue reading →

Glossary of Seed Terms

Heirloom Treasures. Includes trusted, new, open-pollinated varieties as well as those passed down over generations. Hybrid Also labeled (F1), Modern hybrids are produced by cross-pollinating two distinct, inbred parents. Difficult but not impossible for home gardeners to save their own seeds. Open Pollinated Home gardeners’ best choice for seed saving. Produced through natural pollination without […] Continue reading →