Manure Grate Ground-Plan

Manure Grate Ground-Plan

Manure Sign by Jeffrey Keeton

Manure Sign by Jeffrey Keeton


By George Bommer

Article Second.—Place of Operation.

Wherever the farmer has made or found his reservoirs, there also should be his manure heap, whether in the farm-yard or the field. An oblong square spot should lie fixed upon, of a size suitable to the quantity of the manure to be made. This being staked out, you throw the earth from the inside of your lines, until the excavation has a depth of six inches in the higher part, and nine in the lower; this will give to the excavation a
fall of three inches toward the reservoir for the lye which will be spoken of in article third.

Afterward you cut obliquely the sides of tho excavation, so as to give an inclination toward its base, in order that the air may penetrate under the heap through the vent-holes, which are in the supports of the grate, which will be spoken of in the following article. This done, level perfectly the ground, beat or puddle all the surface so as to prevent the filtration of the drainings; then make, within two feet of each other, some small gutters across the breadth of the excavation, which should be one inch deep and four inches wide, into which inlay laths of the same dimensions, so that they be level with the surface of the excavation.

These laths, so placed, are intended to prevent the sinking of the grate into tho earth, which might be occasioned by tho weight of the heap.
Below is the plan of the excavation, or ground-plan of a heap:—

Figure 1.

Figure 1

A. Represents tho border or em¬bankment of earth, spoken of in the first part of Art. 2.

B. Represents the obliquely cut on the side of the excavation, spo¬ken of in the second part of Art. 2.

C. Represents the earth inside the excavation.

D. Represents the laths, spoken of at the end of Art. 2.*

* These laths or bars across the platform are necessary only when the soil is light, or, in short, not very
solid; should the soil be clayey, compact, and solid, thwc bars are useless, and inay be omitted.

Here is the original 1845 page:

Manure Grate Ground-Plan

Manure Grate Ground-Plan

Check out this video on how to build soil by composting horse manure:

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