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Finally, the benefits of growing a garden are limited if you don’t know how to cook and can’t preserve some of your harvest to store and enjoy at the dinner table during the cold winter months. We are fortunate to have great partners such as the Urban Patch and Trade School Indy who work with FCG to offer canning and food preservation classes, and garden-to-table cooking classes throughout the growing season.

In addition to seasonal gardening classes on topics like growing potatoes, identifying garden insects, gardening in containers, and growing culinary herbs, we also offer:

Organic Gardening for Beginners held annually from January-April.

Our winter gardening classes are a popular way to learn about the basics of organic gardening even while it is snowy and frozen outside. Fall Creek Gardens is proud to partner with the Indiana Organic Gardeners Association for this four-part class series. Learn from local organic growers at one class each month and get ready for a spring garden this year! For more information and a registration link, visit our Events page.

Canning Classes with the Urban Patch

Master Preserver, Joyce L. Moore from the Urban Patch partners with FCG to offer canning classes just down the street from our garden site at Indy’s Kitchen. We’ve made everything from Green Tomato Salsa and Pickled Hot Peppers to Pear Butter and Apple Marmalade. Not only do students take home jars of their own creations, but we share a great deal of laughter and good conversation while we learn about safe home water-bath canning practices.