Sunflower Mural

Imagine a beautiful field of sunflowers — the brilliant yellow and orange of flower petals against a bright blue sky above with a deep green field beneath. Sunflowers are not only lovely but also a source of food and, perhaps surprisingly, a tool for reclaiming and cleaning polluted soils.

Fall Creek Gardens was delighted to embark on a project with the Urban Patch to turn what was once a concrete wall into a beautiful piece of art overlooking the garden. The sunflower mural was completed in September 2013 and is a delight for our community gardeners, visitors, volunteers, and even those who commute past the gardens on their way to work every morning.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of our generous donors; without your support, this effort at further beautifying our gardens could never have been realized. Huge thanks also go out to our artist, John Moore, of the Urban Patch, as well as all of the volunteers who lent their artistic talents and hard work to accomplish this project.